As we reflect on our beliefs, visions, missions, and goals the most important information we want to communicate to you is that as God took the soil (Dirt) from this earth and formed man in His image, and if His image is love, relationship, communication, then the only thing in life we must do is return the favor, love Him, have relationship, and communicate with Him.

Hi, our names are David and Brenda Sheets, we are “Christians” but not “religious”.  We believe in the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ as His Son and the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

Seems pretty simple, however, it really isn’t. Why? because, people have spent centuries turning the simplicity of God into the complexity of today’s Religion. Our ministry focuses on two principles

1)     Explaining the simplicity of God while remaining completely faithful to the Bible

2)     Ministering to others through our outreach programs…if a man is thirsty give him a drink…

We promise NOT to create a new religion, defame any other beliefs or criticize others for their own beliefs, there are plenty of places that already do that.

Our simple goal is to “be FLAMES OF FIRE” cooperating with the Holy Spirits as guided; we will share the gospel and minister to others both in our words and actions.  Fostering good will and kindness as the Lord would expect.