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“He make’th His Angels wind…”His servants like flames of fire” 

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Thank you for taking time to visit Hebrews 1:7 ministries. Our main purpose in creating this website is to post as many teaching, (Audio) and in writing as we can to help you retrieve a deeper understanding of the Word of God. We use the King James bible as our primary reference. However, we will occasionally use another version of the bible. We also may reference other teaching, books, and knowledge based articles, if we think they are relevant.

Our goal is to give you those “light bulb” moments as you hear our teachings. Please note that we are NOT in the habit or desire of starting a NEW religion. We are NOT in the business of reputing others beliefs. What we ARE doing is taking our personal experiences, research and prayerful thoughts and visions, to you.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are  Dave and Brenda Sheets we have lived in the Prescott, Arizona area for nearly 35 years . Each of us learning the Lords teachings, walking our Christianity out, and overall researching, what is God talking about when he says XYZ throughout our lives. but especially in our adulthood.

Independently we each became tired of asking the same questions and getting the same “milk” like answers. After meeting and marrying in 2002, our common frustration came together in a strong way. Now that we had each other and the Lord we had that 3 cord bind/bond that was stronger than anything we had ever experienced. Now we felt prepared to reach out to others and explore their reactions to the learning we had achieved.

While we can provide anyone our credentials and testimony as to our good standing as citizens, rather than taking time here to do this, we ask that you either email us or watch for a page on (Dave and Brenda’s History) where we will layout who we are and what we have done to raise the awareness of studying the Word of God .

We are, as is this site, Protestant based Jesus believing people. We stand on the premise of John 3:16 that “anyone who comes to me shall be saved” paraphrased.

Bless you and take time to review and revisit our site as often as you like.

There will be updates and new materials posted as often as the Lord allows. If you would like notice from time to time on those updates please leave us your email address.

In Christ Dave and Brenda

Hebrews 1:7 is a 501c Non profit with all the benefits and privileges of such.


See our ministries or outreach page to view the many different outreaches we currently serve.


Our vision is to be a teaching ministry where people can learn that being a Christian isn’t about what they do,or how they look, but the relationship they have with Christ. Enjoying the freedom, knowledge and courage, which only comes from Christ.

We are a ministry of interaction, where sometimes a simple direction can lead to a fantastic revelation or a complex answer will open the eyes of many. The point always is that it is not I but “Christ in Me” who determines that direction.


The Website www.Hudson.org an article called Broken Windows Philanthropy speaks about giving and its end results this way “We have to do more than offer Band-Aids and, ideally work on more than symptoms. We aim to identify underlying cause, because attacking them is the only way the finite resources can make a difference.” We at Hebrews 1:7 believe this to be true. I would encouraging you to read the full article at the above mentioned site. For a vision without support is no more than one persons state of mind.


Hebrews 1:7’s goal is to facilitate the voluntary acceptance of the free gift of God, Jesus Christ our Savior and Eternal Life giver, to set an example by words and actions the love of Christ. Establish the principle of servant- hood to those we help and those we minister to.


To reach out to those who we are directed by the Holy Spirit to minister to, in a way in which they can most benefit. At times it may be financial, others spiritual, other times simply a place to vent, ask questions or express their thoughts.

Why Give?

First of all the bible teaches in Matthew 25:40 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you did for me’” NIV
And again in Matthew 25:35-41 (paraphrased) Jesus teaches that how you treat others is an example of how you treat him and what your commitment to the Lord is.
In society we have many organizations that support good causes, at Hebrews 1:7 we monitor and commit ourselves to giving to those who are the least of these. Children,Impoverished Men Women, Abused person’s, Orphan. Not just so that they can move on to the next charity and take but with the intention of following up and helping them help themselves.
Our commitment to you is that your funds will be prayerfully given out.
Lastly we believe that our responsibility to others is not just financial but also prayer, listening, teaching (podcast, and conferences), life coaching, however, mostly we do what God puts on our plate each and every day.
May the Lord Bless you as you consider giving to Hebrews 1:7

Is Someone Watching You?

You never know and maybe never will know who is watching you. It may not be for the reason you think. No they aren’t looking at what you are wearing, how you look in anyway. They might just be looking at your actions.

Here is such a story…Wade and Janet Sheets were blessed to have someone tell them what their actions meant to her.

In her own words Carol writes to Wade and Janet


From Carol McNerney, 2000

Wade and Janet,

As I came home on Sunday (from Church) I thought of the Sunday a.m. music and how wonderful the old songs are. I began to reflect on families and on the one’s represented in that group.

My growing up family wasn’t real spiritual and my own example of how to raise children wasn’t the best, I am sad to say. But, God has entrusted me to make a difference in Samantha’s life and I looked around at families to try and glean any insight that I might to do a better job than I did previously. I must confess I’ve watched yours a lot. Whenever your children are around and your in law’s and grandchildren I can see the love and respect, the caring mutually extended respect extended. Through Wade’s illness I can see all of you remain true to God.

Thanks for letting one widow peek, I’ve gained much.

My prayer is that God will allow me to be as faithful servant and complete my task well this time.

Have a wonderful Holiday—God Bless.

Here is a poor poem I’d like to give you. And, Thank you for your examples

Love, Carol


Sitting on the Outside

As passers by may see

It’s pleasurable to watch

A Christian family

A Christian famiies definition

Is of Parents who will plead

By actions and by teachings

That Christ is who must lead

The life they live together

Says to Boy and Girl and so,

That we have a life of love

And Jesus is what makes it grow

It’s the quiet strength and peace

When troubles come your way

That shows your kids and neighbors

That Satan can not sway

It’s acceptance of each season

Both the bitter and the sweet

And no matter what

May happen

The family is complete

As I have sat and watched…listened

And Observed just as I may

I want to congratulate a family

Whose Christ likeness shows each day

To Wade and Janet Sheets