Hebrews 1:7 “He make’th His Angels wind…
”His servants like flames of fire”

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From the first time we served others through our ministry, we were determined to be diverse and nonjudgmental. In these past years since 2003, it is our belief that we have done just that. Below is a list of programs and individuals we have served. Please let us know if you feel the same.

God Bless You


Each year we give free Bibles to individuals and organizations, who then pass them to others.

We estimate that as of December 2020 over 10,000 bibles have passed through our ministry. One of the greatest joys is to know that so many have been touched by this outreach. If you would like to sponsor the future of this ministry program please indicate so when making a donation.  As of 2020 the cost of one complete NKJV bible, the paperback is $2.00 and a case is $48.00

We generally order by the case. However, any amount of support is appreciated.


The History of Empty Bowls Adriana and Nina did not invent Empty Bowls. It started back in the early 1990s when Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom decided to do something to counteract the negative news around hunger and poverty in their area. So, John, a high-school ceramics teacher, challenged his students to throw 120 bowls which they used at the first Empty Bowls luncheon held at the school, charging $5 per bowl to raise funds to fight hunger. The event was a success and right away people began duplicating it all over the country and, eventually, all over the world.

A local potter, Eli Jensen, throws such bowls and donates to this program. We at Hebrews 1:7 have provided him with clay to offset his cost. So far he has made numerous bowls thanks to your generous support.

The Adventures of TOBY and CAPTAIN Hook

(his faithful service dog).

 Toby is a 4 yr. old boy (2019) who was born with multiple disabilities. His diagnosis was not promising. At birth, he had stokes, which affected both sides of his brain, each with its own complications. In fact, he was not expected to live.

But this little guy was determined to help others even at such an early age.

When I discovered that Toby wanted to raise money so that other children could have a service dog a like does, I knew I had to get involved.


Bob and Jody Bingham were involved in the foster/adoption program. They were familiar with children and disabilities. At the time they met Toby he was in the NICU intensive care for children Their role was to “foster” him through what was thought to be his few days or months of life. They spent hours at the hospital, loving and nursing him. In fact, he responded so well, they eventually took him home.

As far as they were concerned, this diagnosis was unacceptable. They felt that with love and attention and so, so many prayers, that Toby would make it.

And of course, we know they were right. But no one expected him to do as well as he has. This little guy has thrived, to say the least, under the care of loving parents and family.

Yes, I say parents because, although Bob and Jody were looking towards their future retirement. God had other plans for all of them.

They would in fact fall deeply in love with this precious boy. Once you meet him through his stories and or in person, you will know exactly why they could not bear to let him go.

With training in speech therapy, Jody has been able to help Toby talk clearly.

Bob’s work with the Optometrist has made sure Toby has the correct fitting glasses. And through a multitude of frustration, paper shuffling, and bureaucracy, they and their grown children have nursed, loved, and encouraged this little guy through some tough times.

The entire family, including Toby, know that God provided many miracles so that Toby could and would be a living testimony to this world. In 2018 it was decided that a “service dog” would greatly help Toby to be more independent. They had no idea this would take a huge amount of money, time, and frustration to accomplish.

This family is an average, middle-class, working individuals. Jody is now a stay-at-home mom, had to find creative means to get what Toby needed. She left her career as a speech therapist to focus her time on Toby. She is a fierce mom. One to be reckoned with if there is a barrier between her and her son’s needs. But it goes further than this. Jody is also an intense advocate for all disabled children.

In 2019 she was invited to speak at a national conference for disabled children, held in Washington D.C.

No easy task for this vibrant but “shy” individual, who does not bring attention to herself but to the needs of others. Nonetheless, she did it. Proof that her devotion to these children is a true calling of God. Bob is an incredible father. Teaching Toby the “ways of men” so to speak. He and Toby “work” on projects together, with Captain always at their heels. Toby loves working with his Dad, playing, camping with family, and overall being “Dad’s sidekick” Bob is a quiet, patient man, he is there for this family in so many ways. At the sound of “alarm” no matter where he is or what he is doing, Bob is there! He is gentle but firm and Toby glows when seeing him come in the door. They are “best buds” For details about Toby and Captain, and thus our fundraising idea.

In 2019 Jody was invited to speak at a national conference for disabled children, held in Washington D.C.

The following article explains Toby and his desire to help others, very accurately.

Overview of our outreach ministry

Families, Women, and Children in Crisis in the Tri-city area’s have received

Donated to the following Local Organizations

Stepping Stones Prescott Valley, Arizona

2010 ( 15)Christmas bag’s for children and adults includes new clothes toys and handmade items

2012 (25) Christmas bag’s for children and adults includes new clothes toys and handmade items

Art supplies for children/books/ bibles

Teen’s Closet Prescott, Arizona

2011 Donations of cash and clothing

2012 Donations of cash and clothing

Crisis Pregnancy Center

2010 Donated over 6 hand crocheted layette sets

2011 Donated in excess of 8 hand crocheted layette sets, cash, and diapers

Provide Food to individuals in need

2006 to present donated 1 truck and 2 cars to single women/mothers

2010 Donated in excess of 2000.00 in food items

2011 Donated in excess of 3000.00 in food items

2012 Goal is to exceed the previous year’s donations

To date over 2,000 Spanish and English bibles

Other Outreaches

Missions for Jesus International

Kings Kids Orphanage Shoes- every child needs shoes, for school and summer

to date, we have donated over 500 new pairs of shoes so that these children can attend school and church

Doctors without Borders

International Fellowship for Christian and Jews

Miscellaneous needs throughout our community have been met in addition to those listed.

Our Needs

Prayer Partners

Monthly Donation partners

People to help promote our ministry and fundraisers